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We created Gather to cultivate a place where tween and teen girls could come together in a safe community, surrounded by beauty and inspiration, to explore life through art, while incorporating the social and emotional practices of mindfulness.

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At Gather, we value creativity and empower girls to find their own uniqueness, proudly confident to be their own bestselves. We seek to give girls time to simply “be,” to create and breathe and nurture themselves from the inside out.

We envision a world in which children are socially and emotionally sound and loving kindness is rewarded with inner peace. Thank you for joining us on the journey. At Gather, we leave behind the stresses of school, friendships, busy schedules and auto-pilot lives to focus on the joys of creating art and expressing oneself and one’s feelings.


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Cultivating a place where girls can Gather and explore life through art, and incorporate the social and emotional aspects of mindfulness

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