Expressive Self Portraits



{The Me I See}

Exciting things  took place at our October 5th Workshop ~ we were blessed to celebrate the uniqueness of each and every girl in the world.  Our uniqueness is what we should embrace, for it makes us all individuals with one-of-a-kind gifts.  We explored our inner thoughts and emotions, then brought them to life on paper.  Putting feelings on paper can be difficult, but through color, and abstract lines and forms, the girls were able to identify their emotions in an artistic expression.

During the workshop, the girls dove into some big questions including:  How do artists create self-portraits?  How do portraits tell a story?  How do colors affect the portrait?

They developed art skills on proportions of the face, examining details of the eyes, nose and mouth while still being free to depict their unique faces as they choose.  Learning that art does not have to be realistic  ~ that abstract and expressive is lovely, and allowing color choice ~ warm or cool colors  ~ to add our emotions to the paper.

The portraits were discussed and inspired by Paul Klee (1879-1940) and his re-imaginings of the traditional genre of portraiture.  He was known to use the fundamentals of the portrait to explore artistic, social and personal ideas, creating images of himself and others that invoked countless psychological states.

Through a series of prompts and questions, the girls  enhanced their observation skills for self-reflection and inquiry.  They were asked to be inquisitive ~ and contemplate the use of observation skills to feel good about themselves and the people around them.  This type of art is a personal exploration and can relay the feelings of the artist.  Our training in mindfulness helped the girls hone their awareness, of self and of surroundings.  This helps to create a more meaningful artist, one who truly sees and senses the world around her.

At the end of the workshop, their colorful self-portraits were celebrated and each girl had chance to reflect upon her own work.  Using self-evaluation as a form of personal assessment.  This is always done in our sacred circle, a special place where our thoughts and feelings are held in high regard and expressed in a safe, supportive setting.

Together, as a group of awesome young girls, we celebrated the United Nations International Day of the Girl  {which was officially 10.11.13}.  Their goal it is to speak out against gender bias and advocate for girls’ rights everywhere, and we are so happy to share their important message.  The workshop incorporated positive affirmations and activities to enhance girls empowerment ~ our own and for those less fortunate.

This fun-filled, expressive workshop allowed all of us to get messy and let go of the idea of ‘perfect reflections” of self! Lots of creative play and process, art techniques, personal exploration occurred; and, of course, at the heart of it all…mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. The delight autumn day and nearly perfect weather permitted us to enjoy the gorgeous outdoor setting at the Presidio for yoga and a dinner shared with friends.  Our meals are always filled with lively conversation, contemplation and sisterhood.



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