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On Saturday, May 11th, we gathered together as Mothers & Daughters in a sacred circle … to talk, to share, to laugh and inspire one another.  It was a day spent in a  safe and loving environment to dig deep into our souls and recall our journey together as mother and daughter ~ cherishing moments along the way, and sharing the wisdom of all the women that have come before us.

The girls, and their moms, were able to get MESSY and bring a playful spirit to the workshop.  We created one-of-a-kind pieces of colorful art  using our hands to explore colors, mixing and spreading them out on long rolls of paper and turning that into a handmade JOURNAL.    Adding some playful ephemera, personalized photos, and little bits and pieces of special significance ~ we all created a mixed media platform from which to unfurl your thoughts.  Like Sabrina Ward Harrison‘s journals …. spilling open unto the pages were our stories, our dreams, our thoughts.

These journals will be something unique, something to treasure, something made by mother & daugther collaboratively.  Filled with swirls and crevices and lines of endless possibilities.  A place where mothers and daughters can get the conversation started …. it is always amazing to witness the difference between spoken words versus written words.  There is something powerful in the mere process of slowly, methodically putting pen to paper.

These journals will be a sacred haven for shared thoughts, feelings and expressions of self.  It will be a place where mothers and daughters alike can say anything, not a place for the “inner critic”, punishment or judgment.  There can be pages that will be more serious, others simple and silly, and others that are reflections of your journey together.

Through a series of prompts, mothers and daughters will be able to creatively explore their personalized journals.  Every journal will be unique:    some fun and silly “lists” to complete, notes to our ‘past’ selves, descriptions of dreams and wishes for our mother-daughter bonds and much, much more.

A Mother-Daughter Journal can be very deep and profound for there is nothing like the bond they share.  And sometimes we expect so much from one another that the pressure can lead to our inability to express our feelings freely.  These journal are the perfect way to communicate, in written form, when we are struggling with face-to-face conversation.  And, let’s admit it ~ during the ‘tween and teen years it can be a challenge.  Mothers have to learn new parenting techniques, daughters are struggling with this ‘new self’ but never is the time more important to keep the communication alive.  And one of the beauties of this form of communication is that it can last a lifetime.  It can be revisited and read over and over again!

This was such a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day, together and in sisterhood with other fabulous mothers & daughters.  Honoring the unique bond that is shared between a mother and a daughter.  It was so fun to witness the mothers down on the floor, with paint all over their hands and laughing and giggling with their daughters.  It was a place to simply “be.”  When was the last time you let yourself go, without any expectations or agendas?  Give this a try!  You’d be amazed at what can transpire when you allow a little bit of playfulness to enter, putting yourself into the life of your daughter.

Our day also included a little adventure outside for a yoga ~ incorporating a lot of partner poses between mother and daughter.  Finding strength and balance between one another.  And we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch together … until the fog rolled in and the fog horn started to sound.  Somehow it sounded like the perfect “om” ~ which came at just the right time for our closing circle.  It was a perfect chance to teach a Loving-Kindness Meditation, but changing it up just a bit for the occasion.  We sent our the loving-kindness wishes to all the mothers of the world, all the daughters and to ourselves.  It brings such a sense of peace, tranquility and calm to the mind and body.  I can only hope that these little ‘seeds’ of mindfulness will be nurtured by the girls {and their mothers} in the days and years to come.



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