exploration in painting

A happy girl and her painting!


This foundation class introduced the girls to creative fundamentals and techniques through the exploration of a range of drawing and painting mediums, and incorporation of color, line, texture, shape, and more. They used different types of acrylic paint, application styles and some basic mixed media techniques.  And, they experimented with mixing their own colors, line drawing and honing their observation skills. {Being mindful is at the center of many of our workshops}.

Our focus was on “nouns” … using objects that are common to our world.  Everyone selected their own subject, or noun,  to reproduce onto a 12×12 inch artist panel. They were encouraged to keep it simple, abstract and “imperfectly perfect”. There is no room in our classes for the inner critic who sabotages so many creative endeavors! Perhaps it was  a flower, owl, dog, or cat; but whatever they chose, they were proudly able to say it is “flower-ish” or “dog-ish” and love it!  A children’s book, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, reminded us to keep it simple and let go of perfection; embracing our own unique artist.

The day was filled with lots of creative play and process, art techniques, personal exploration; and, of course, at the heart of it all…mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. We enjoyed the gorgeous outdoor setting at the Presidio for yoga and dinner, welcoming the sun on this lovely afternoon.  The day was also filled with inspiration from Yoko Ono, and her “wishing tree” …. we all had a chance to write out our wishes, perhaps for the world, our family, friends or ourselves and then adorn a tree with them.  The breeze came in from the Bay and we can only hope she carried them to the far reaches of the world. Spreading our love and joy and happiness around the globe!


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