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{guest blog by ISA – a Gather girl, age 12}

There’s something about a typewriter that is impossible to resist. Maybe it’s the fact that a typewriter doesn’t have a screen—just a blank piece of paper and endless possibilities. Maybe it’s the sound of the keys clack clack clacking as your fingers pound against them. Maybe it’s the smell of fresh ink.

Whatever it is, the girls at Gather workshops are always eager to write down their thoughts and feelings on a “word of the day,” such as kindness, giving, hope, and possibilities. These words are like pillars that support and guide us.

The following typewriter poetry is a collection of musings and thoughts written by girls ages 11-12, using an Olivetti Lettera 32 from the late 1960s.

possibilities :: January 2013
I have a possibility for 2013 ~ I have a problem with friends and hope to solve it
Possibilities are endless chances. It means you can mess up and restart and you can do anything that you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible.


scatter kindness :: December 2012
when you share the kindness and warmth that comes from within
you let it grow in the hearts of others.
watch it blossom, then watch it spread its seeds too,
a whole forest of love will soon grow.
christmas time-­‐ kindness is the best present
you don’t need wrapping paper
or a fancy ribbon and card
all you need is a giving, loving heart.
kindness is what makes you strong.
little bits of love all over the ground
for others to cherish and keep
give it freely it costs nothing to be kind.
kindness is when your best friend comes to you when you are really sad.
kindness isn’t something tangible but you can feel it in your heart.
kindness isn’t something you can smell but you can smell love.
i don’t know how but I can feel rain on my skin and i feel kindness.
when i was a little girl I dreamed of love at its fullest,
gnomes seemed real with the power of my will and they often appear before my eyes.
you will learn a lot of lessons by picking up the seeds of kindness
but when they start to bloom don’t pull them out of the ground
they need to unfurl before the whole world to see.
scattering kindness is like an old flower and before it dies
it lets off its last flower petals to become new flowers.


belonging :: August 2012
belonging is having a home that you know you are welcome in.
belonging is having good friends that will never leave you.
belonging is knowing you are welcome.
if you belong it means you feel comfortable wherever you are.
you know you have a place in the world. you are loved. breathe.
belonging is everything; i thought i didn’t have a place: it wasn’t
something I bought at a store; its like my life, my everything
was wrapped into a word that most people brush by like a feather
in a more-­‐important wind.
but belonging wraps around you in a blanket
and you really don’t want to take off the blanket.


curiosity :: August 2012
curiosity is when you are in a world of wonder and are just thinking.
curiosity is wondering about things you do not know about.
curiosity is something we all have.
curiosity is something that is always there…
when you want to learn about something
and when you think about it.
it is always good to be curious
or else nothing would have ever been created
if they hadn’t been curious.
Curiosity is the thirst to learn more,
constantly to cross the barriers of knowledge
and not to confine oneself to just thinking,
but rather seeing knowledge.


confidence :: August 2012
confidence is being able to do brave and daring things.
and also believing in yourself and that you can do brave and good things.
confidence is believing in yourself.
always telling yourself : I can do this, I can accomplish anything .
confidence ~ believing in your soul, reassuring yourself, telling yourself you can do anything.
you can accomplish anything with confidence.
you just need to tell yourself you can do it.


hope :: August 2012
hope is believing
hope is wishing for a better day
hope is joy
hope is love and happiness
which you share in the world
hope is when you believe in someone special.
hope is belief.
hope to me is love and people.


kindness :: August 2012
an old woman offers a stranger a hug.
that is kindness.
kindness is talking to somebody who is left out.
kindness is being kind to everyone around you.
kindness is loving your neighbors.
kindness is saying you’re sorry when you know you did something wrong.


sisterhood :: August 2012
Sisterhood is when you are faithful to a girl or woman who is special to you. You can show sisterhood when you show that you love or cherish a special girl or woman in your life.
Sisterhood is like an unseen connection. A bond that’s invisible but is completely real. Something that isn’t spoken even though
it is there.
Sisterhood is never ending friendships that keep two people connected forever.
Sisterhood is something that all girls will always have.
Once they meet and be come besties,
forever on and on will their friendship live
and linger on for generations
so sisters will always be there
the never ending circle
they love you no matter what.
Sisterhood is basically doing this retreat. Everybody gets together to share thoughts
and feelings through art.
Forever and always
I will have these girls
my friends
my sisters.
I have learned a lot about sisterhood over the past 3 days.
I have learned that it means that you should be faithful, loving, and kind.
you should also be there for those who need you.
I think this retreat has taught me a lot about that.
And I think that we are changed.


{Compiled and edited by ISA}

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