Unleashing The Possibilities

One Little Word ~ an intention for the new year

With the new year just beginning, POSSIBILITY surrounds us. Maybe it is a chance to “do it over;” an opportunity to bring about positive change; a time to be a bit more brave; a way to sparkle, to grow, to shine; or a moment to fill the world with loving kindness.

Many people, myself included, have found that setting a traditional New Year’s resolution is…well, a little too resolute. It is perhaps too constricting, too full of expectations, and, when not fulfilled, can leave one feeling worse about oneself.

One way to focus on the positive and to gently approach the possibilities of the new year is to choose a guiding word, just one little word, to help focus on the path ahead ~ a roadmap and talisman.

What will your word be for 2013?

That is exactly what we asked our group of twelve young girls at the January workshop. They had an opportunity to reflect upon their lives and what they would like to manifest in 2013. By starting first with meditation and bringing awareness to what we already have ~ giving thanks and gratitude for all the big, and little things, we are blessed with each day ~ the girls were able to gently process and choose a word that inspires, encourages, and motivates them. They reflected upon many aspects of their lives ~ friends, family, school, community and activities. And each amazingly awesome girl chose a word that was absolutely perfect….just for her!

The word that each girl chose, the one that spoke most to her, was used to create a beautiful work of art ~ a handmade Vision Booklet to serve as a visual reminder as she explores life in the new year. It’s a colorful, artistic take on the Vision Board concept, but done using a fun and creative bookmaking process to make them more unique and colorful. And, with many pages and hidden folds in the booklets, there was space for lots of beautiful images and words. It was simply wonderful to see the uniqueness ~ and if only a tenth of these intentions, hopes, and dreams come to fruition ~ well, this world will be a better place, indeed.

The girls also used their “one little word” to create a lovely hand-stamped silver charm necklace adorned with heartfelt, gemstone charms to carry them through the year. When they wear it around their necks and close to their hearts, it is an invitation for their fingers to find their way to it…and feeling the letters, the word, will remind them of their personalized intentions.

I feel so blessed to have spent this time with the girls. They have lovely little souls and are beaming with kindness, joy, laughter, and love, despite the throes of the teenage years, which are quickly approaching. They have inspired me beyond measure. We are all ready to unleash the possibilities for 2013.

  1. Steph

    LOVE this, Cheryl!

    February 13th, 2013 // Reply

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